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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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maryland, in benfield road. if you take a good look, you can see scorch marks near the roof and a whole section of paneling torn away. this was not far from the high school there. the fire is out but still no word on a cause here. we'll continue to follow this developing story. back to you. a muggy start to your morning. it looks like we could finally get that rain that we need so much. we'll send it over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. welcome to a monday morning. a whole lot of clouds. kind of a clammy and soupy feel outside. finally needed rain chances coming your way and very little in the way of sunshine this coming week. early on a monday morning a couple of sprinkles across north central virginia. there's just so much moisture in the atmosphere. might be able to wring out a couple more showers. out the door weather this morning. very mild by late cement
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standards. in the mid to upper 60s already. 67 with full cloud cover at 7:00 a.m. might get a sliver or two of sunshine today. mid-70s by lunchtime and a risk of a few showers today. we'll talk about commuter impact of the rain drops. >> as you're headed through stafford, we have turned red. right now we're expecting things to clear out of the way here. that really should ease. old georgetown road and vista road. we're a little slow there because of lane blockages because of construction. a big look at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop we have problems. a live look there looks good. david? >> all right.
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thanks, melissa. pope francis has arrived back in the vatican city. easterly this morning he sent out this tweet. quote, with my headlight felt thanks may the love of christ fill the people. #godblessamerica. hundreds followed his journey and closely watched his every word. >> i will pray for you and your families. and i ask you please to pray for me. may god bless you all. god bless america. >> while visiting philadelphia's biggest prison, pope francis called attention to clergy's sexual abuse saying all those responsible will be held accountable. >> i commit to a careful oversight to ensure that youth are protected.
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take a look at this scene right here achlt busy overnight for crews in philadelphia. still cleaning up from the 800,000 folks who celebrated mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. a man accuse of a deadly hit and run will face the judge this afternoon. police say 22-year-old ryan salandy admits he hit 21-year-old mcdaniel after he got in his car. police were able to catch up with him in german town and charge him with first-degree murder. a youth hockey coach is being charged. police pretended to be a 12-year-old when they reached out to timothy bodenheimer. he was most recently an assistant coach for a million dollars school team.
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we expect president obama to sit down with russian president vladimir putin. they're going to be in new york for the 77th assembly. back in washington there will be a gathering this morning in support of planned parenthood. members of the black hawk caucus. they'd hold a news conference on capitol hill at 11:00. whoever replaces john boehner, speaker boehner, will likely have to deal with the planned parenthood controversy. some lawmakers are adamant congress should not fund the organization. they point to videos over the summer that claimed to show employees mistreating an aborted fetus. boehner plans to announce
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friday. d.c. police have identified the man killed in a triple shooting in the southeast this weekend. thomas stalling died after being shot in a car on elvans road late saturday night. so far a suspect has not been named. police, though, are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. the woman who helped two killers escape from a new york prison season going to find out how long she'll spend behind bars. joyce mitchell faces up to seven years for her role in that breakout. she pleaded guilty to giving hacksaw blades to richard smat and david sweat. matt was killed by a border agent, sweat later captured. today we get an update from montgomery county leaders about giving police body cams. a statewide panel is but put together on guidelines on how to use police body cams. the maryland police training
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commission hopes to have a state wide policy by the start of january. two transportation updates. first we start with metro. starting tomorrow, blue line trains will be the only ones going through the stadium armory station during rush hour. metro says this is part of an effort to reduce congestion on the other lines after a transformer fire earlier this month. there will be shutting buses during the hours. orange and silver line trains are going to by pass that stadium armory stop. starting today bull run post office road is going to be closed. that closure could last as long as five weeks. during that time vdot will pave roads and fix ditches. the police say a man tried to run down one of their own. a shocking incident and why police think it's connected to
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another crime. a live look outside this morning where it feels a little muggy. that's because of some rain headed our way. whether or not you'll need the umbrella for your walk to the metro, we'll check in with chuck. just in, video of a typhoon moving in on taiwan. when the massive storm is expected to hit.
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i'm molette green at the live desk. developing right now, a monster storm churning toward taiwan. typhoon dujuan is expected to hit. packing wiblnds up to 114 milesn hour. schools and offices are closed, rail travel is expected along with a big bon jovi concert and the storm is expected to move in tomorrow in china where they're also preparing. that's the latest. >> thank you very much. muggy monday morning.
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looks like we're finally going to get that rain. let's send it over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell standing by. chuck, are the kids going to need their umbrellas at the bus stop this morning? >> just a little one. no gully washers and rainouts but an opportunity for light drizzle. not too much of an issue early this morning or this afternoon. a slightly better chance for showers coming in later on. drive time forecast, there could be areas of dampness. temperatures out the door in the mid and upper 60s. by later today, one or two slivers of sunshine will put temperatures up near 80 degrees. here's storm team 4 radar this morning. west and southwest. very, very light rain indeed early this morning. again, temperatures out the door are in the mid to upper 60s. seven-day forecast is in ten
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minutes. a check on more is on. >> good morning. we're still slow there. as we're headed through stafford, it's still hanging around around 16 miles an hour if you want to get off if you're headed that way soon. you can definitely skip that entire think. prince george's county looking good. b.w. parkway and 5 rolling fine. beltway at river road no problems there. it is clear now. back in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. at 5:12, new details on the deadly accident involving a tour bus and duck boat. this is seattle. what may have contributed to that crash. a major discovery in the fight against breast cancer. the research shows t
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at a minimum when they do things that are clearly misconduct at best. at worst, murder or manslaughter. a renewed call for consequences after the death of inmate mckenna. you see this video where they tried to restrain mckenna. fast forward to this rally last night in front of the courthouse. >> hard to believe out of nine people, no one has the common sense to back off and reassess the situation. >> the naacp organized last night's gathering.
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protesters question the decision not to pursue a grand jury. they're investigating the incident from february. they say they have stopped using tasers at that facility. prince william county police looking for a man who tried to hit a police sergeant with an suv. this happened at an arts and craft show in aqua quan. the sergeant wasn't hurt but police found the car abandoned later on. they believe it may be connected to another hit and run. an update on giving body cameras to police officers. derrick ward has more on the legal problems. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know the technology is there and it's seen as a way to protect the public against police powers and abuse and protect them from frivolous claims from the citizenry.
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it's now time for policy to catch up. actually montgomery county has had a pilot program in place since the summer. about 100 officers have agreed to wear them including police chief. what they've come out are kinks. officers have to inform the public they're being recorded and could be time-consuming if language is an issue and rm they may not call on police. could it be de facto surveillance. those will be things issued or addressed when the committee meets. they're under an october 1st deadline to present their recommendations to the-month-old police training academy. they're supposed to come out with a policy by january 1st. again, that meetings at montgomery county council headquarters. new discussions coming today about the university of maryland
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football stadium. could lead to a new name. the stadium is named for long time president curly byrd, however, some say byrd was a racist and segregationist and want the name changed. the group meets for the first time at noon. here's some news if your health. a new study says lowering the legal drinking age could lead to more students dropping out of high school. more and more campaigns to drop the age are popping up as a way to stop binge drinking but when researchers lowered the age the dropout rates went up. the study was published in the new england journal of medicine. researchers say some women with
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early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy and have the same likelihood of beating the gene. some respond well enough to hormone therapy and can avoid chemo. >> did you see it? this is the first time in 30 years it's happened. it was also considered the fourth and final blood moon and unlike some predicted wasn't the end of the world. nasa says this isn't going to happen again until 2033. a cool sight to see. >> some were tweeting some pictures. some had a good picture of it. some didn't. it was hit or miss. hit or miss as we look at the live showers. >> let's head over to chuck. chuck, it's never too early to look into next week, is it? >> never.
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unfortunately it's a long way between now and then. weather impact on your monday, not too bad. on the whole we'll call it a relatively low impact. rain chances at only 30%. take your umbrella with you. technically everyone has a chance for rain today, but higher rain chances out to the west toward i-81. slightly lower chances as you head out toward the eastern shore. everyone has a chance. big flow of moisture out of the east and east is going to keep us on the cloudy and clammy side. a couple of sprinkles. those are headed northbound into the shenandoah valley. rain chances this week above zero for every day monday through friday this week. no guaranteed wash joutds, but the most likely time to see moderate or potential rain will be late tuesday as high pressure sitting over new england is
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going to keep that warm moisture flow in place some of many, many chances for rain this week. week long totals could be one to two inches of rain. right now, mid 60s. ed my and humid outside. maybe a couple of raindrops as well. hourly temperatures in the 60s and then rising in the mid and upper 0s by lunch. highs today, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. it will be a warm and clammy day to be outside. here's future weather. opportunities for a few showers from annapolis to prince george's county and showers also a possibility out across parts of the blue ridge. but mainly cloudy overnight. maybe a brief sprinkle. but by and large, the heavy rain threat we're going have comes late tuesday night into the early parts of benz morning. so that tuesday night, wednesday morning commute might be hard
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hit by raindrops. here's our seven-day chance. there's our best chance for rain, melissa, comes up on wednesday. rain chances don't fizzle out until we get toward saturday of next weekend. any troubles on canal road, melissa? >> unfortunately, yes. you are psych im. just got a report of a tree that is down and partially blocking a lane. obviously that could cause a problem. we have a bit of volume headed that way. we had debris reported slowing folks down just a bit. northbound through stafford, we're close. all niceq=iĆ· and green and roll
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just fine. remember to listen to our friends when you hop in your car. this morning we're learning more about this deadly crash in seattle. a ride the duck bus crashes on the bridge. we learn a fifth womperson, a woman, has died. also new into our newsroom, new neverings from the ntsb. investigators there say a front axle sheared off the duck tour axle and the company may have nobody about the problem with that axle years ago. here at the live desk we hear from the owner of the duck tours. he spoke about his company's vehicle staying off the road. >> we will not return any of the
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fleet to service until we can demonstrate that our fleet is well maintained, road-worthy, and safe through an independent inspection of every duck vehicle we operate. they found the duck boat in that crash did not have an axle repaired that was recommended two years ago but still unclear this morning whether the company was aware of it. that's the latest from the live desk. erika? >> a live look at the capitol where the shutdown is looming. however, john boehner's resigning could change the story in a big way. ed lawrence has more. ed? >> he lashed out at some of the conservatives in his party. he blames them for political
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strategies that had no chance. he pointed to a 2013 shutdown of the government that was meant to repeal obama care. he said the republican members getting other members into a frenzy about goals they can't accomplish and causing problems for the whole nation along the w way. they want the government to sit down to prove a point to defund planned parenthood. the house majority leader kevin mccarthy will likely take over as speaker, but his problems for the speaker will continue. the tea party doesn't have enough votes in order to get one of them in their votes. he thinks they'll continue to cause problems for the next speaker when they try to get the government or put the government into financial crisis in order to prove their goals which boehner says can not be accomplished. reporting live in washington on capitol hill, edward lawrence.
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back to you, erika. >> thank you so very much. >> floomd advisories are up as thousands wake up to washed out roads. take a look at this video. as many as 9 inches of rain hammered the southwestern part of the state. police blocked off some of the roads. the rain is part of a tropical depression. storm team 4 is monitoring it for us as well. it is not headed our way but it it is affecting our chances. >> police say protesters threw stones, fire bombs and firecrackers at officers. it's been the center of violence. it's believed to be where prophet muhammad has ascended to heaven. israel insists it will not allow the site to be changed.
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just day after the pope canonized him, a shocking discovery. police find a statue of serra like this. take a live look outside. dry, but could we see some
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right now at 5:30, just hours after the pope wraps up his historic trip to the united states, a special thank-you. the tweet the pope just sent out. narrowing the gap. who's closing in. taking a look at storm team 4 radar, dry in our area. for now at least. that's about to change good morning. i'm erica gonzalez in for eun yang. >> and i'm david culver in for aaron gilchrist. >> good morning. we might get a sliver of rain from time to time. that's about it. temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s, but i'd take the umbrella just to play it on the safe side this morning. hour by hour, 67 at 7:00 a.m.
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a chance forral spotty shower moving in with temperatures up near 80 degrees and then back down into the mid 70s by 8:00 and tomorrow looks much the same torz, only a better chance for rain tomorrow and maybe even a rumble or two of thunder as well. >> good idea. taking a look right now, a problem here that has popped up and we're not sure. we're sending somebody to see what's going on wchl very a report of a downed tree partially blocking the lane there. hopefully crews will be out to get it out of the way. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway moving along quite nicely. northbound through stafford we're still slow. 66 inbound. debris on the roads slowing things down there at 29. >> all right, melissa, thanks. pope francis has arrived back in vatd can city this morning after
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his busy visit to the united states. hundreds of thousands went to see him and hear his message. jay gray is live in philly. i guess for now the lasting impact is going to have to deal with some cleanup over there. >> no question, david. lots of cleanup in the philadelphia area. the lasting impression on pope francis is well. he's tweeted this morning. let's take a look at that. he says with my heartfelt thanks, may the love of christ always follow with american people. #godblessamerica. when you invite 800,000 or so, there's going to be a lot of cleanup. a lot of memories from the six-day u.s. tour that the pope undertook last week and started there in the nation's capital, wound up in new york and winding up here with mass that was just
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overwhelming, quite frankly, yesterday. so many people in this area. so many people to be anxious to be pa rt of what was history here. and it's a visit that i would imagine is going to linger with a lot of people for a very long time. the cleanup will continue throughout the day in philadelphia. they do believe by the end of the day, they'll have most of the major thoroughfares opened up and getting back to business. good business here for local businesses. a half billion in revenue, we're told. david, back to you. >> thank you so much. less than a week since the pope canonized june pair rowe serra, it was vandalized. it was found tipd over, painted green. other tomb stones and statues and plaques were damaged. donald trump will announce
5:35 am
his tax plan in new york stock exchange this morning. the republican presidential hopeful says he plans to speak from trump tower this morning. you can check in with us on the plan and how it can impact you. an update on the numbers. donald trump and ben carson neck and neck. the over female li fee or ry fee or r rena tied with marco rubio for third place. the same poll, hillary clinton losing ground to bernie san derds. she leads by seven points if joe biden enters his nomination. if not. 15 points. the e-mail controversy surrounding hillary clinton is hurting her and she knows it's not going away any time soon.
5:36 am
>> explain that discrepancy. >> i wasn't that focused. >> she claims she used the e-mail system out of convenience. this shoes air strikes on isis targets. they say they did it to prepro text their country's interest and toe protect syrian civilians. the attacks lasted close to five hours. until now france only struck as part of the u.s.-led coalition. they say more could take plaus in the next few weeks. happening today, mayor muriel bowser is teaming up. it's a literacy program to help
5:37 am
male students gain confidence and discover a passion for reading. this is happening from 6:00 to 8:00 in howard university in the school of socialwork in the auditorium. mayor bowser is expected to be there. d.c. regulators originally rejected an offer for exelon to buy pepco. they originally offered $7 billion. exelon is going to ask for a new hearing today. it also wants a new vote sometime in the next 30 days. a small earthquake being reported in central virginia. good news. there are no reports of damage. want a new i phone but can't justify that price? would 400 bucks in gift karsd9[ change your mind? a national embarrassment.
5:38 am
why two baseball players say they're not mad after this dugout duel. >> chuck
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i want you to take a look at this.
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a massive sinkhole swallowed several cars, a trailer, and even some tents and a campsite in australia. about 140 people had to be evacuated from that region. a 492-foot sinkhole almost ten feet deep. at 5:41 we check in with chuck bell. >> "c" for recess. most of these west virginia showers are going northeastbound into southwest parts of pennsylvania. there are a couple of sprinkles toward the blue ridge and parts of the shenandoah valley. temperatures in the upper 60s. cloudy, damp. 72 between 8:00 and 9:00. as you say. i'm a tough grader for recess, but kids want to know for sure.
5:42 am
only a "c." a risk for showers, so put your umbrella in the backpack. checking on canal road. >> it has cleared out of the way. we're talking about inbound canal at arizona avenue with limbs in the roadway. that is cleared. all lanes are now open. a big look at the road wairks nice and green. top of the beltway, outer loop, no problem. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. happening today, a woman who helped two convicted killers escape from prison learns her punishment. how much time joyce mitchell how much time joyce mitchell could spend behind bars
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5:45. we continue to follow breaking news.
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this in anne arundle county. we just got our hands on this picture. details are slim. we're working on getting more. we do know two people have passed away. much more on this coming up at 6:00. good morning, everybody. cloudy and mild. a little damp to wet outside. wake-up temperatures are in the upper 60s this morning. have that umbrella ready to go. we'll time out your rain chances in a few more minutes. right now here's melissa. >> all right, chuck. you can see at 19 miles an hour northward. inbound in arizona, that has been cleared out of the way. all lanes all open. i'm mollette green at the live desk. we just found five sports that made the list for the 2020 olympics in tokyo. baseball, softball, karate,
5:47 am
surfing, and sport climbing. the final decision comes from the international olympic committee. all of this sur rounltds boosting ratings and getting it up. joyce mitchell faces up to seven years in prison for her role in the breaksout. mitchell pleaded guilty to giving hacksaw blades and other tools to richard matt and david swet at the clinton correctional facility. matt was killed by a border patrol agent. sweat was captured. two victims were critically injured. so far a suspect has not been named an & police are offering a $25,000 arhee ward leading to
5:48 am
the arrest. a 23-year-old hit and killed while jogging on the national mall is honored along with others. talia agler was able to give brandy the lung she needed to stay alive. on monday swan and ago ler's parents were able to meet. >> talia saved five other lives through her organ donation. a top ranking metro official is tade to have violated rules. the inspector general filed an ethics complaint mortimer downing. a fellow border member says
5:49 am
downie sevened as a paid adviser for the company while the firm itself raked in tens of millions of dollars in profits. an upday. blue line trains will be the only ones going through it. metro says it's part of an effort to ease congestion after a fire earlier this month. there will be free stadium buses during the hours original and silver lines bypass the stadium armory stop. let's get a look at trachlt starting today bull run post office claude will be closed between cedar ridge and carter ridgell mentry. it will be closed for five weeks. in that time vdot will pave the road and fix some ditches there. the "washington post" says one plan is to renovate an eight-story building for $14
5:50 am
million at no cost to the department or taxpayers. neighbors are upset that an eight-story building would be, quote, out of character with another homes and want the didn't to look at other options. something to take action on this morning. new reports say americans are way behind on having even a modest plan in place for retirement. it says 36% of us have used our retirement savings in the past year. others haven't put anything away for the past two years stlachl this recommendation for you. sign up for a workplace saving program, contribute to an ira or do both with a specific target in mind. >> the next big hurder is they have to save more aggressively. you can't be saving 3% of your retirement and they this is going to get you where you need to be. >> they say you should be
5:51 am
setting aside 15% if you can, including whatever your company will match. >> a pretty muggy start. perhaps that should be our hash tag today. chuck bell joining us. >> kind of a muggy monday. >> yeah. the specifics of when we should be taking that umbrella out. >> it's going to be most critical and we have a little chance this morning a little better chance later this afternoon. by far our best chance is going to come up as we get toward tuesday night into wednesday morning. just enough clear skies last night where a lot of our shutter bug friends were out there trying to take pictures of the full moon while it was eclip eclipsing. i love it because it got the jet plane zipping across the front of the moon late last night. nasa. they always get the best picture. here's with unof the great ones from nasa. this is the colorado state house
5:52 am
capital building. it's a nasa photograph. there's the eclipse moon up in the sky. if you have any of these great eclipsing pictures you want to share with me, i el show you some social media sharing. it's all about sharing. that's all we like. right now it's 66 degrees in washington with a mostly cloudy sky. northeasterly breezes. the east to northeastern breeze is going to be it. kind of warm and humid with an occasional shower chance. a little chance this morning. a little better chance coming up. plan out your day. one or two slibers of sunshine. temperatures mid-70s. those little breaks of sun should allow the temperatures to be near 80. a slightly better chance coming in after 3:00 or 4:00. highs today, mid to upper 80s in the washington area. over the rest of the week lit stay mild.
5:53 am
everybody has a chance for getting rained on b tu highest rain chances will be west of the metro. that's where the rain chances are right now. northeast up into parts of pennsylvania. nonetheless have the umbrella with you on your way out the door this morning because i wouldn't want you to get rained on, take my name in vain that i didn't give you some sort of a hint. there's the forecast for today and tomorrow. warm and humid with the shower chances tomorrow. best rain chance. off-and-on chances linger into at least the first half of the weekend. time for a check on first 4 forecast with melissa mollet. >> good morning, chuck. we're getting a little better. it's not red anymore and you're going a little faster than you were. inner loop and outer loop looking pretty good. b.w. parkway as you're crossing over the ltway, a little slow.
5:54 am
66 inbound. also have some pretty good volume there. 270 at german town road. you see traffic moving fine. northbound no problems there. i'm hearing about a crash here near centreville road and compton road. going to have details on that one coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right. melissa. thanks. we're waiting to see if there are any major consequences from this fight. if you haven't seen it now, nationals closer jonathan papelbon pretty much attacked bryce harper. i'll show you the video again. take a look. it started after harper didn't run out a flyout in the eighth inning. then papelbon starts yelling at him. lunges for his neck. the player said they talked after the game.
5:55 am
i mean. i don't care. people talk. like brothers fight. hopefully we move forward and do what i can for the next six days, have fun and play the game. >> here's the play that led up to that fight. the gnats actually have seven games left to play this year including their final home game. that is today against the cincinnati reds. >> gas prices are tag down. the national average is about $2.35 a gallon. in d.c. it's a little higher at $2.50. maryland at $2.23 and you'll pay $2.04 in virginia. retailers are cutting their own profit margins because high supply is forcing them to drop their prices. the obama administration just came out with new rules to loosen restrictions on trade, banking, and travel.
5:56 am
the "washington post" reported that they're working on it. the goal of the talks is also to build on the commonwealth trade of soybeans, apples, poultry, and pork. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. ahead of the opening of commercial travel between u.s. and cuba. a new round trip will begin on tuesday. samsung is launching its new mobile payment service in the country today. it rolled it out in its home country of hong kong next month. samsung pay works with existing magnetic card readers while the others require stores to install new equipment. that's your cnbc business
5:57 am
report. i'm landon dowdy. >> if you're planning on buying the iphone, you could receive a big discount. best buy says if you trade in your old smartphone when you buy one, you're going to get a $200 gift card. you'll get another $200 gift card if you sign up for sprint or at&t. just in, the pope tweets us about the visit to the united states. coming up, how washington is different from the other cities that the pope has visited. mothers taking on costume making, why girls especially are misrepresented. >> it's
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5:59 am
right now on "news4 today." wrapping up his visit. the pope's message to america after landing in italy tonight. bob cameras. the ethical and legal problems leaders will talk about in the days ahead. first be sure to keep an
6:00 am
umbrella nearby. it could end up being a rainy week. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, everybody. hope you enjoyed your weekend. back to work and school. a reality. kind of a soupy start this morni morning. some needed rain chances are coming our way this week but very little in the way of sunshine. monday morning rain drops in western virginia and maryland. there are a couple of sprinkles here. keep that in mind. a few patchy areas of fog as well. your hometown forecast in merryfield, virginia, your temperatures will climb up to near 80 degrees. >> sounds like a good warning to me. new crash at 28 and compton road. report of an accident.


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